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120 Santa Rita Truly Sharing at The 120 Table

In the fast-paced, digital age we now find ourselves in it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the time to connect with friends and family. McCann Dublin worked with our client Santa Rita on an immersive dining experience aimed at just that – giving people a reason to stop, connect and truly share.

The challenge

We understood that 120 Santa Rita customers bought the product based on taste, price, quality, and branding and while most enjoyed the wine in their homes with meals, there was a big opportunity when it came to events or experiences. Consumers perceived the brand as highly commercial, of mid or medium quality and viewed it as a “supporting actor” when it came to occasions. They never thought of 120 Santa Rita as the star attraction when it came to home or event consumption. We needed to change this.

Our approach

Our creative concept was built on the foundations of focus group research, which allowed us to create an event completely focused on the 120 range and bringing people together. Our target audience are time poor, find it difficult to experience new things with friends and family and they enjoy drinking 120 Santa Rita with food. With all this in mind, we developed an activation to answer all these needs – a bespoke, interactive dining experience where each course was inspired by and paired with wines from the 120 range.

The execution

The 120 Table event was about the people, the connections; truly sharing a special moment with friends and family over great food and wine. We wanted to connect with our audience on an emotional level, really grab their attention and draw them into what the event would be. We created a pre-event video showcasing the incredible Irish food partners we teamed up with for this event, Grálinn and Nobó . This allowed us to open the door a little, shine a light on the event and what guests could expect.

To win a seat at the table, people were invited to enter a competition hosted by Lovin Dublin. Again, to connect on a deeper level we asked people to share who they would like to bring and why. A meaningful mechanic such as this encourages people to stop and really think about the event, their reason for going and who they would like to share this experience with. Keeping in mind subtle, personal touches, these messages were printed on the back of winners’ place names for the table.

After enjoying amazing food and wine paired courses, guests finished off with a DIY dessert from Nobó before telling us what truly sharing meant to them…