Calculating Header hight The evolution of a website into a brand

There was the intention for to be the more vibrant, premium job listing to its sister site,, and that’s where McCann Dublin came into the picture.

The challenge

Following the McCann Dublin redesign and UX overhaul of, it made sense that would have to follow suit. But given the ambition for to be the more premium jobs site, we first had to look at creating a brand out of, what had been up until that point, a premium URL. It would have to be a brand appealing to both companies and job seekers alike.

Our approach

As with any brand redesign undertaken at McCann Dublin, we entered an exhaustive research phase where we examined brands operating across the competitive landscape in Ireland, as well as looking further afield across to the UK, Europe and the US to discover the characteristics commonly displayed by premium jobs listings brands. We always aim to establish best practice and make that our baseline.

The execution

Brand Asset Design System

Our design team developed a full design system comprising not just a new logo and identity, but also font usage, colour palette, imagery and identity collateral. This would come to include everything from the necessary website assets right out to in-the-hand items for the real world such as business cards, letterheads and signage.

Brand Guidelines Development

When any brand is designed from the ground up, it is important to develop a comprehensive guideline document in tandem with the design. This will serve as a reference for anyone – internal to the brand or third party – implementing design work for the brand in the future. We generated brand guidelines for setting out how (and how not, just as importantly) to use the logo and associated assets for all eventual situations as well as including a catalogue of the website assets produced.

Website Design

The McCann Dublin digital team developed a full suite of front-end components as working Pattern Lab containing HTML, CSS/SASS and JavaScript. This mean the integration team at could easily understand our vision for the site and how each block would change visually and incorporate the new brand design between device sizes.