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DBX Taking education to the next level

When third-level institution, DBS, briefed McCann Dublin to promote their distinctive, new and innovative virtual learning programme, we recognised that it deserved something fittingly distinctive in its own right.

The challenge

All too often, online learning options are perceived in a lesser light than their real world, face-to-face counterparts. But DBS had approached their brand new offering differently. This would stand out from competitors by breaking from the standard. It would blend together the very best of classroom learning and virtual learning and provide the flexibility and support required by today’s working professional. An exciting proposition, which needed to be reflected in the way McCann Dublin communicated the programme.

Our approach

Collaborative, accessible and flexible, the DBS online education program is a fully digital, connected and interactive platform. In other words, it’s an experience. A user experience. For a whole new user. Rather than doing something that looked like promoting online versions of existing DBS courses, our idea was to create a new sub-brand for DBS, something to champion the new version of learning that it represented. Something that merged DBS with UX.

The execution

Brand design

The result was DBX: what our brand design team at McCann Dublin termed Education 3.0. A brand in tune with the way focused, motivated students, prefer to learn. On their own terms, on their own time.

Social + Online Advertising

The look, feel and tone of voice developed for the new DBX brand was geared right from the start, naturally, for effective implementation and optimisation on social and digital channels.