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safefood Putting too much on their plates

Just as it is across the globe, childhood obesity is still a huge problem in Ireland. This is not solely the result of what we give our kids to eat, but how much of it we give them at mealtimes. safefood charged McCann with creating an outdoor campaign to highlight this.

The challenge

In research provided to McCann by our client, safefood, we discovered that over the last 20 years, portion sizes have increased dramatically, with some takeaway food portion sizes now 180% bigger when compared to those of the late 1990s.

Our approach

This fact, not surprisingly, provoked a collective wow (and a small eureka) from the strategy and creative teams involved. The simple fact is children don’t need the same amount of food adults do. The problem is that those aged two and over are shown to eat up to 40% more food when bigger portion sizes are served up to them. Kind of frightening, and completely ridiculous, when you think about it. And it was this that McCann sought to drive home with impactful outdoor advertising in this phase of safefood’s ongoing campaign to fight childhood obesity.

The execution

Outdoor advertising

The central visual of these outdoor executions for safefood sought to drive home the ridiculousness of the portions we give our children. The McCann creative team exaggerated this to outrageous proportions, marrying it with a seemingly straight headline that hinted at the future health implications.