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Cardano Project Renovare

We were delighted to work on the brand strategy and design of Cardano - a decentralised, open source, 3rd generation public blockchain and cryptocurrency - with the power to change the world for good.

The Challenge

When Cardano Foundation (the guardians for Cardano itself) came to us, it was still very much a product in the making. Our challenge was to develop the Cardano brand from multiple different points of understanding, into something that can be communicated and understood by the general public around the world.

Our Approach

We undertook extensive brand planning to understand one of the most complex technological platforms present globally. We conducted an extensive series of interviews with ambassadors, advocates, experts and naysayers, to really understand the positives and negatives and the broad range of perceptions of the product, the people, the company and indeed the entire category of blockchain. In order to bring clarity to Cardano, we needed to think about how we could bring clarity to blockchain in general.

It’s a category understood by developers and academics in the field. But, it’s still only emerging and evolving. Its use cases are growing. It’s reminiscent of the world wide web before broad adoption. And, with that in mind – it has as much potential to change the world as the internet did before its wide spread use.

We reappraised and rebuilt the Cardano brand model; defining the purpose, position, values, behaviours, and proposition. Giving a sense of internal direction to the brand and product itself. Working hand in hand with the Cardano Foundation and its key partners from the ecosystem throughout the process to understand how Cardano could become the thought leader, first to explain and lead the market.

The Execution

We positioned Cardano as a platform for societal and economic change – a platform that could make a positive or ‘good’ impact on the sector, industry, company, person and the future in general.

We created a clear set of brand guidelines outlined real word application against numerous audiences for both Cardano and The Cardano Foundation – but also outlined the space that Cardano keeps and owns. Something that can be used and will stay true as the product develops into the future – but also then provides technical real world application guidance.

We consulted with the relevant teams as they applied the new brand to a refreshed consumer-facing website for Cardano. We also created a new site (launching July 2020) for the Cardano Foundation.

The Result

There is no doubt that it will take time for blockchain in general to be used and understood by the many rather than the few. But the positioning, creative and framework we have created has built the foundations to allow the Cardano Foundation to do just that. We have provided a structure that will give clarity now and in the future. And we are excited to see Cardano’s adoption into the mainstream in the very near future. To find out more about Cardano please visit: