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DCC Out And About

Dublin City Council wanted to create bitesize good news stories to show the work they are doing in communities. From clean-up days to painting murals, civic maintenance apprenticeship programmes to improving standards at homeless hostels, Dublin City Council wanted to tell their story in an informal and easily digestible way.

The Challenge

We had to create a resource that would be uplifting and informative for Dublin City Council’s online audience. Through a new format and design, we wanted to make the content accessible and engaging for every possible user.

Designed well, this format would stop scrolling users in their tracks, tell a story in a quick and simple way and leave them with a new appreciation for the work carried out by Dublin City Council.

Our Approach

Using our expertise in social platforms, strategy and performance, we wanted to create something that would demand attention, stop passive scrolling and encourage people to engage with a piece of content.

One of, if not the most powerful form of content on digital platforms is video. For this reason, we decided to create a mini video series called “Out And About” that would showcase the projects Dublin City Council were working on all across the city.


After mapping out exactly how these videos would look and feel and our objective behind them, we had a very clear idea of the next steps.

Planning ahead allowed to kick-start this project with ease; we knew exactly what video content we needed and we knew what the end result would look like. In a way, we shot this content whilst editing in our heads, allowing for a timely turnaround.

The Execution


The series, “Dublin City Council – Out And About”, was created specifically for social channels. Short-form, eye-catching video content that was informal yet informative.

By designing text overlays in conjunction with Dublin City Council’s branding, we were able to create a bank of assets that would be instantly recognisable as social users scrolled their feeds. We know that a large percentage of social users watch video without sound, so these overlay designs played into that consumption behaviour, meaning anyone who views the videos will be told the story.




Dublin City Council posted this across their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels.

With success already from the first video, which received over 2,000 views, this is a format which can be used indefinitely across a multitude of topics.