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Médecins Sans Frontières Ireland Marking 50th Years

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have been providing care and medical assistance to those who need it most across the globe for the past 50 years.

The Approach

Inspired by the main tenants of MSF – providing medical care (stethoscope), bearing witness (camera), and speaking out against injustice (megaphone) we set out out to create a Press only campaign that marked – not celebrated, the 50 years of their incredibly vital work in a simple and powerful way.

“We are not sure that words can always save lives, but we know that silence can certainly kill.”

Dr James Orbinski, MSF, Nobel Peace Prize acceptnece speech.

Some words hit harder than others. And when these words speak a truth, they create a picture that most turn away from. When Dr James Orbinski, President of the MSF International Council, took to the stand in 1999 to deliver his Noble Peace Prize speech, his words rung through. His words hit hard. His words spoke the truth.
A simple, yet very effective way of getting someone’s attention is by making them read, think and write out what we are trying to get across. We selected 50 words from the Orbinski speech that represent both the actions and aspirations of the MSF organisation. We targeted readers of The Irish Times, a long term partner and successful medium for fundraising as well as a trusted source and platform for international journalism. We wanted to use their own crossword puzzle style and incorporate our chosen words into the crossword question format to get across our narrative with the answers highlighting the reasons why MSF do what they do. 50 words to spell out 50 years of care, witness and advocacy for people around the globe that need it most.