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DCC Illuminating the magic of Dublin

The herds of rowdy crowds bustling around Temple Bar in their Christmas jumpers. The Christmas Eve panic-shopping on Grafton Street where you decide all your family is getting socks. The baltic swim every Christmas Day which you promise your other half you won’t do next year (but secretly you know you will). Watching the oh-so-famous RTÉ news footage of yer’ man slipping on the ice.

Ah yes, Christmas traditions in Dublin.

Well, here at McCann we love Christmas traditions. So much so that we’re working with Dublin City Council again this year to continue the magical Winter Lights. The McCann elves have been hard at work getting everything ready for the beginning of December, where 14 famous locations will be illuminated with custom projections turning the spaces into festive winter wonderlands.

The challenge

Winter Lights 2018 was all about anticipation and teasers with our strategy promoting something new and exciting. This year, it was our job to build on the awareness from last year to inform even more of Dublin about the festivities. We were tasked with designing an engaging social and print campaign to inform people on how they can be part of Winter Lights.

Our approach

In 2018 we developed an identity that was not only for one year, but an identity that could grow to become a well-known ‘brand’ every Christmas. This year, we built on that identity by creating more engaging content in more locations. Our goal was to reach even more people than last year with Winter Lights visuals, encouraging them to be part of the magic.


This year we also had the chance to tell the story behind Winter Lights with the help of the Dublin City Council Culture Company. We were able to showcase a suite of videos where community groups were matched up with local illustrators to design the projections that would be displayed on the buildings. This element of the campaign helped to promote Winter Lights as a local and community-oriented project.

The execution

We began our print and social campaign in mid-November to drive traffic to the website landing page. The purpose here was to educate people about the locations, dates and highlights for the campaign.

With full control of the DCC social channels we were able to create an omni-channel consistent message combining interactive and user generated content that will resonate with our audience.


We plan for this year to build on the brand from last year and continue to develop this magical Dublin Christmas tradition for years to come.