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Bisto Giving a family favourite its digital debut.

To make gravy cool again we would have to take Bisto out of the press and into the digital world.

The Challenge

Bisto is a permanent fixture in the cupboards of most kitchens, and features in many a Sunday roast. But in their first Irish digital campaign, Bisto wanted to go beyond meat and two veg. They wanted to increase frequency by showcasing new usage occasions to an audience of middle-class shoppers. In short, we had to make gravy cool again.

Our Approach

The timing was perfect for Bisto to enter the digital realm. With Covid-19 restrictions firmly in place, their target audience were spending more time online, shopping and desperately searching for ways to make cooking three meals a day at home less of a chore.

To make gravy cool again, we had to create a snappy and engaging social-first concept that would take Bisto out of the press and put it centre stage. We didn’t have to look far for inspiration, it was all there in how you use the product.

The Execution

We started by researching our audience, their online habits, the social media landscape and Bisto’s competitors. From this we learned that our target audience was largely made up of mobile-first parents who use social media regularly–particularly Facebook and Instagram–and value humour.

Bisto’s competitors were sharing recipe content, but it was well, meh. We could leapfrog them by creating an engaging social-first campaign that would make our audience say “aah Bisto”.

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy Bisto. Pouring it over your Sunday roast is a classic, but why not dip hash browns, add a dollop to slow-cooked brisket, drench a burger or drizzle on chicken pie? These actions transform “meh” meals into “aah Bisto” experiences.

The inspiration we were craving was right there in Bisto’s delicious recipes. “Do you drizzle, dip, dollop or drench?” became the centre of our campaign.

As this was Bisto’s first digital campaign in Ireland, we had the opportunity to hone their digital presence from the ground up; including tone of voice and design. Using block colours, fun typography, delicious recipes and a dash of Irish humour we created a fun, visually arresting, engaging and informative digital campaign.

By pairing drool-worthy assets with timely and localised copy we created a scroll-stopping social media campaign which was backed up with a highly-targeted and informed media strategy.

Social was the best way to capture our target audience’s attention, but we knew it shouldn’t be the end of the journey. We needed to give our audience a place to engage with more rich content.

Our UX team worked with our art directors, copywriters and digital designers to bring the experience of the social campaign to life on web. is now packed with inspiration and rich content like individual recipe videos, downloadable recipes and shoppable products, all optimised so they won’t affect load times.

While this is Bisto’s first digital campaign in Ireland, it will not only live online. The campaign will also be supported with in-store promotion. We wrote and designed a branded leaflet that builds on the campaign identity, inspiring consumers to dip, drizzle dollop and drench at point of purchase.

The Results

Bisto have announced themselves to a digital audience in style. With fun and engaging social assets, a fully optimised website, and supporting in-store we are showing Irish audiences that you can do more with Bisto than pour it over a roast dinner. It’s a savoury flavour-booster than you can drizzle, dip, dollop, or drench. Gravy is cool again. You heard it here first.