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Microsoft Future Navigators. Not simply engineers.

From entertainment to education, medicine to finance, travel networks to governments, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) are the ones who keep the wheels turning for the billions relying on Microsoft systems to run their lives and businesses every day. And Microsoft needed to recruit more of them.

The Challenge

SREs ensure the wheels of our digital world keep turning. Because of that, these people are one of the most sought after and most valuable operators in the tech world. McCann was tasked with devising a highly targeted digital recruitment advertising campaign to help Microsoft to attract more of these specialists.

Our Approach

Following extensive research with this cohort, it struck the McCann strategy and creative teams that “engineer” was almost too simple, too small a word to describe what these experts do. We wanted them to see Microsoft as a place that values their capabilities and expertise more than all of the other companies out there vying for their talents. The way we saw it, these operators were not in the engine room; they were on the bridge, steering this big digital ship into the future. We reimagined them as “Future Navigators”.

The Execution

Video content

The spearhead of this campaign was an anthemic video content piece that set out the way Microsoft viewed the SRE and their elevated place in this digital world. Supporting video content came by way of McCann conducting interviews with members of the engineering team and current SREs. We wanted to tell a genuine story that would convince the target recruit that a move to Microsoft’s engineering division was the right one.

Social & Digital

Fuelled by video content, this was a highly targeted digital recruitment campaign run across LinkedIn and YouTube that delivered more than 2,000 candidates to the job posting on the Microsoft recruitment portal.

The Results

Video views
Job page visits
Web clicks