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Microsoft Early Careers Programme

The Early Careers programme is an important part of Microsoft recruitment in Ireland, with the company seeking to attract top young talent to grow their career with Microsoft.

The Challenge

With the tech industry in Ireland being a highly competitive space, the challenge was to create a campaign that not only stood out from the rest of the market but also continued a process we had started in previous years, where we wanted to continue to evolve Microsoft’s image as a company that is an innovative, inclusive, and fun place to work.

Our Approach

To achieve this, we decided to bring our idea of “what makes you you is what makes us great” to life visually. The core idea at the heart of the concept is about highlighting Microsoft employees both in the context of the role they have within the company, while also showcasing their passions, giving them an extra edge and giving people a greater sense of who they are, which in turn made it easier for potential applicants to relate to them.

The Execution

By focusing on passions, the interests that made our heroes unique, it gave us an opportunity to create vibrant illustrations that popped off the page and screen and grabbed attention in busy media spaces. These illustrations brought the interests of our ambassadors to life, populating the world around them with artistic representations of their passions.

For example, one of the employees we featured was Business Analyst and avid skier Bert. We developed icons representing various aspects of skiing, as well as work-related iconography, which we then implemented into Bert’s creative to represent his passions inside and outside of Microsoft.

This gave us a better sense of who Bert was and added an extra layer of relatability to our campaign, giving our target a better sense of the people that make up Microsoft, the people they would be working with every day and gave the whole campaign the feel of a more modern piece of creative, which is perfect for an innovative company like Microsoft.

The Results

The campaign provided fantastic growth for Microsoft recruitment in their key metrics. Year on year, the campaign received more clicks (+13%), completed video views (+28%) and saw an increase both in the number of applicants as well as the quality of applicants who applied.