Calculating Header hight What a capital idea

Dublin is more than a city. It’s a character. McCann Dublin infused some of that character, imagination, talent and positivity into a website that would personify Dublin.

The Challenge

Dublin City Council came to us for help in developing a website for Dubliners and visitors alike. would offer a flavour of what it means to live, work or learn in this great city.

Our Approach

It was vital that the McCann Dublin digital and development team worked with Dublin City Council from the ground up. Throughout the design and build we got so close to this project that even those of us not from Dublin wanted to believe we were raised on coddle.

The Execution

Brand Tone of  Voice has a tone of voice and personality designed to express a city full of character and characters.

Content Generation

We bring the city to life with video, photographic and written content generated from interviews with Dublin’s characters, their lives and loves. This created content we balance with articles and guides at on what to expect and how to negotiate it if someone is considering a move to Dublin from abroad.


Bearing in mind that the wealth of content covers everything from how to find work in Dublin or how to get around the city, to what student life is like here or what supports are available for starting a business, the user journey was carefully adhered to several different personas and their widely varying need states.