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Norwegian Don’t Just Like It. Live It.

Flying to Europe from the States? Choosing an airline? In the US, legacy carriers and indigenous brands rule the roost. McCann Dublin worked with our client Norwegian on a digital first plan to deliver a stand-out campaign to rival all competition.

The Challenge

Norwegian flies direct to 48 European destinations from 16 US cities. It’s been repeatedly named as the World’s Best Low-Cost, Long Haul Airline, and its transatlantic flights have 33% less CO2 emissions than the industry standard. But research had found that in the US, the top reason for not flying Norwegian was lack of awareness. People simply hadn’t heard of it yet. And if they had, they often thought that Norwegian flights were routed through, well, Norway. We needed to fix that.

Our Approach

Our creative solution emphasized the seamless, non-stop service that Norwegian provides – and how it has suddenly made Europe a whole lot more accessible for people all over the States. Because our target market spends so much time online, the campaign is a digital-first creative solution.

The Execution

It’s so easy for us to get lost in our social feeds. We get so distracted by other people’s experiences that we forget to live our own. We scroll through the endless pictures of friends, acquaintances, and people we don’t even know, people who seem to be having the experiences that we only dream of. Those were the moments we believed that Norwegian could own, encouraging you to take a break from your routines, from your social feeds and remember that you can do more than just react to other people’s lives.

Don’t Just Like It. Live It.

Our playful videos aimed to completely embody the ‘Don’t Just Like It, Live It’ mantra. A playful sequence shows our future holiday makers magically transported from their own city to a vibrant and exciting European destination. Eye-catching photography and some nifty retouching ensured that the awareness-building cut-through we needed was achieved and delivers the idea of the direct nature of Norwegian’s flights in a highly impactful way.