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DCC Empowering the public with the HGV Permit Checker App

Through the HGV Permit Checker App, Dublin City Council wanted to put the power in the hands of the public, by allowing them to check Heavy Goods Vehicles for permits. It was up to McCann Dublin to get that message across and to get people downloading.

The Challenge

Heavy Goods Vehicles are allowed in Dublin City with a valid permit, so the key challenge to this campaign was a little complicated. We needed to teach the public that they can check for permits, while also making sure we didn’t vilify the HGV drivers in the process.

The Approach

We decided to gamify the process of looking for HGVs. By going down this route (pardon the pun) we made people aware that HGVs were allowed in Dublin City with a permit and that DCC had created an app to help check for said permits, all while making the experience fun throughout.

The Execution

This campaign was based primarily around a vibrant piece of key art. We brought Dublin City to life in the form of a “Where’s Wally” style poster by the talented SuperTotto. Through the use of this art style, we displayed Dublin City in a unique way to catch people’s attention. We hid an HGV within the artwork, challenging people to find it while they waited for their buses or trains.

Our initial poster campaign rollout was accompanied by a radio spot that used the same core concept. We played up the fact that people have grown so accustomed to HGVs in their city that they don’t even notice them anymore. We used this fact to push people to download the app and to get checking permits.

For the next phase of our creative rollout, we created an animation that brought the Dublin City illustration to life, as we took viewers on a tour of the campaign’s key art, all while keeping the message clear: can you spot the HGV in our image? How about an actual HGV in your city?

By focusing more on breaking the public’s habit of not noticing HGVs, we managed to create a tangible relationship between the HGV Permit Checker App and checking for HGV permits. By gamifying the process, we managed to successfully launch the app without painting HGV drivers as villains in the process.