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Zenia Creating a global insurance brand that puts the customer at the centre.

Bringing together strategy, brand design and content creation to create a unique brand for a unique product.

The challenge

TheZenith, an insurance company which is part of Fairfax Insurance based in Los Angeles approached us to help them launch a web platform that would make it easy for small business owners – particularly hospitality entrepreneurs – to purchase workers’ compensation insurance online.

Our approach

We brought together a crack team of strategists, content and copywriters and brand and UX designers to develop the brand from the ground up. Why this team? The brand we were creating was for a digital product, by bringing together digital and brand creatives we could devise a brand that would flex to any media and format naturally. Adaptation would not be an afterthought. Instead, flexibility would be baked in.

We evaluated the project using our McCann Worldgroup 5Cs – Culture, Category, Connection, Company and Customer – then came together to discuss the findings, using them as a springboard from which to develop the foundation the brand.

The execution

We brainstormed name ideas, plastering the glass walls of our boardroom with multi-coloured sticky notes. We got every possible idea up there, the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly. We grouped the names under themes and then assessed them one by one, until we landed at Zenia.

Xenia was the Greek goddess of hospitality, the industry this platform aims to serve. Pairing that with the master brand name, Zenith to form Zenia was the perfect solution.

The platform was developed to make getting workers’ compensation insurance for your business easy. It was important that that sense of simplicity and ease came through in the brand design. The colour palette of navy, teal, grey and white helps to communicate this.

Zenia offer a layer of protection and support to their customers. This truth led to the development of the brand logo and graphic device. Both are made up of concentric circles, the inner circle representing the customer, and the outer the protection that Zenia insurance provides.

When it came to tone of voice we went well beyond personality traits, we got into the nitty gritty. Presentation and grammar, tense, active versus passive voice. We covered everything so that there could be no ambiguity about how this brand should sound; confident, informal, supportive and simple.

Once we had approval of the brand look and feel we worked as a team to develop an engaging and practical brand guidelines website. This site would be used by members of the Zenia and Zenith teams as well as external partners.

Usability was our focus. Rather than simply listing the logic behind our design and tone of voice choices, we gathered useful tips and tricks that would help others to bring the brand to life consistently.

Once we had developed a strong brand with a unique voice, we set about applying it to the platform itself, brand communication, event stands and even pens. No brand opportunity was left unexplored.

The result

We created a brand that reflects the values of this unique product offering; protection, simplicity and support. This branding, working alongside efficient UX and content design will make it easier for entrepreneurs in states across the U.S.A. to insure their business.