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Beck's Breathing new life into a legacy

A brand partnership with creativity at its core, Beck’s chose McCann Dublin to help them relaunch Art Labels for the UK market.

The challenge

Alcohol brands creating limited-edition bottles is nothing new. But the first to do it in a meaningful way, more than 25 years ago, was Beck’s. By turning over its label as a canvas to both renowned and up-and-coming artists such as Gilbert and George, Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, their work was showcased in the process to the millions who drink Beck’s. Given the work McCann Dublin had done with Beck’s in the Irish marketplace, and the success of the Be Kreativ platform in shining a spotlight on emerging artistic talent, Beck’s UK chose us when they sought to reignite their Art Label legacy in 2018.

Our approach

Through a very focused round of research, coupled with our teams extensive knowledge and network we sourced six UK-based artists and commissioned them with a very simple brief: Be Kreativ. All chosen because of their individual skillsets and artistic influences, we were able to guide and inspire our chosen artists with everything from Beck’s creative legacy, knowledge of Bremen, the town from which Beck’s originates, to the brewing process and the ingredients that lead to the production of the beer itself.

The Execution


The resulting artwork adorned the labels of some 10 million Beck’s bottles. McCann worked closely with the bottle manufacturers and label printers to make sure the artwork was faithfully reproduced and optimised.


The limited-edition bottles were unveiled during Blisters at Print Club London, one of the UK’s largest poster shows with over 3,000 illustrators, artists and designers in attendance or, in a nutshell, the target Beck’s consumer. McCann was involved in the production design and build of the display area for the Beck’s team’s trade customer sell-in event surrounding the Art Label launch.

Social and Digital

Our Art Label series was supported with the development of the Be Kreativ website that featured spotlights on the contributing artists. Working with the artists’ input, our motion graphics team animated the six individual art pieces to produce content to support the targeted social advertising campaign.