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Marine Ireland Branding on the Edge

Marine Ireland is the new brand created by McCann Dublin encompassing all the offices and departments of the Irish Marine Development Office.

The challenge

The Irish Marine Development Office commissioned McCann to create a new brand identity. Great. But there was a little more to it. The new brand would be the face of 11 separate government agencies in the fields of shipping, tourism, fishing, technology and renewable energy. How could such a diverse range of industries be brought under a single brand?

Our Approach

We needed to ask questions. A lot of questions. So the McCann strategy team spoke to members of each of those 11 government agencies. Our goal was to better understand their hopes and expectations. From the insights gathered, McCann created a brand identity and design that reflects an ambitious and contemporary expression of Ireland’s marine future. That expression is “Marine Ireland – Your Blue Edge”.

The Execution

Brand Design

The result is a dynamic, flexible brand identity with the capacity to work across sectors in a variety of online and offline contexts. The word “Blue” is a universally accepted identifier of the ocean and its economic potential. While “Edge” epitomises the idea that Ireland is well-positioned to attract and develop new marine businesses. This Marine Ireland brand identity is the start of a sea-change. McCann is helping Ireland tell the world, with some confidence, that it is open for marine business.