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Truvia Be Truvia To Yourself

Our client Truvia wanted to create eye-catching, thumb-stopping digital content to stop foodies in their tracks as they scrolled through their social feeds. Our mission? To encourage viewers to try a range of recipes using this sugar-alternative product in a new way.

The Challenge

Having worked with Truvia for a few years developing online and digital content, we now had a chance to mix up the current creative and be more adventurous. We had to create content that would stand out from the everyday “noise” on social media, as well as educate both loyal and potential consumers on the many ways Truvia can be used. To do this, we needed to create a new look and feel and step away from the repetitive, conventional food inspiration content and try something bold, bright and memorable.

Our Approach

As a digital agency, we are constantly keeping abreast of new content and format trends and while food as a content theme will always garner engagement, we wanted our recipes to jump out on screens and demand attention.

For this reason, instead of opting for the usual white marble table top recipe shots, we mixed things up by selecting bright coloured backgrounds and quirky transitions to split three recipes into one asset.

We knew that video would be the most effective way to showcase multiple dishes and improve brand awareness and video also allowed us to show the range of uses with Truvia. It was imperative to show a wide mix of recipes from breakfast and lunch, to salads and beverages whilst ensuring our recipes aligned with the seasons.

The Execution

Digital Ads

We changed our creative direction, now we wanted to use innovative digital formats to push this content to our ‘Juggling Jane’ audience as well as look-a-like audiences who follow competitors in the same market.

This campaign was primarily paid, meaning our content was pushed out via ‘dark posts’, rather than sitting on the feeds organically. Split-screen videos, Instagram Stories, cinemagraphs and Instant Experience Ads made up our arsenal of assets – all visually eye-catching and more engaging than previous campaigns.


Instant Experience Ads

As mentioned, we wanted to take this campaign to the next level by using innovative and more engaging formats. We opted to use instant experience ads as these allow a viewer to experience a full screen takeover, without it feeling like an ad. This format also encourages the user to engage by swiping through different recipes, viewing videos, reading longer form copy and directing through to a bespoke landing page to learn a little bit more about the Truvia brand.

Live event coverage

Early in the year, Truvia organised an influencer event in the quaint English countryside with a theme of “New Year, True You”. The concept of the event was to bring a sense of mindfullness and joy to the everyday and to celebrate our ‘Juggling Jane’ audience for who they truly are.

Influencers such as Madeleine Shaw, Natalie Lee ,Kim Hartwell and many, many more came to stay at the stunning Retreat East to enjoy a weekend of healthy living and healthy eating with Truvia. Our Social Media Content Manager attended and captured amazing reactive content over the course of the weekend.

During the event we managed Truvia’s Instagram channel, creating live Instagram stories, IGTV, engaging with influencers and creating a sense of community online and sparking up conversation with more fans online.