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Zurich Be Future Ready. The power behind your pension.

The pensions advertising landscape is a cliché-filled one that gives its target audience more reasons to ignore a pension than start one. McCann Dublin worked with Zurich to successfully disrupt the pension advertising norm.

The challenge

Retirement seems like it’s a long way off for most. Probably because much of the advertising directed at 30-40-year-old consumers features silver-haired couples in a clichéd future full of boats and golf courses. Our research found this was a turn-off for this audience and a reason for them to tune out. We needed to come up with a campaign and creative idea that would engage this target on pensions in a meaningful way.

Our approach

McCann Dublin’s creative solution for Zurich’s 2018 pensions campaign was more focused on the now. Our idea was to look at how the actions people take in the present protect them for the future, positioning the Zurich pension as the one that prepares them to be “Future Ready”.

The execution

Outdoor & Print Advertising

On outdoor and in press advertising, we imagined a Dublin just a few years from now with an illustrated scenario set in the city’s Silicon Docks, depicting a customer being propelled along the road on their futuristic hybrid cycle with the help and support of their Zurich pension.

Video Content

Given that the principal target for the Zurich pension is the self-employed, McCann Dublin developed a series of films to fuel a highly targeted digital and social campaign focusing on self-employed business people whose focus is making their industry and the world in which they live Future Ready.

We told the story of Barry Reynolds, who is manufacturing hurley sticks made from composite materials, in answer to the Ash Dieback problem on the horizon and the impending lack of wood needed to make the 350,000 sticks needed by this sport each year. Then our creative teams profiled JP McMahon, a Michelin star winning chef based in Galway, who is wholly concerned with sourcing organic, sustainable, fresh ingredients not just for the good of his menu, but the nutrition and future health of his children and their generation. Next we told the story of Design Partners, a product design company in Bray developing the groundbreaking products we will rely on in a future that has not yet come to pass. Our series concluded with Dublin Design Studio, award-winning architects who are designing forward-thinking, future-focused, Future Ready homes and buildings now from their studio in Clontarf.

Radio Commercials

In radio advertising McCann Dublin employed humour to creatively tackle the emergence of artificial intelligence and how it is impacting upon our current and future lives e.g. self-driving cars and self-ordering fridges, and that the Zurich pension would be the ideal pension to accompany the target audience on that journey.

This integrated campaign comprised large format outdoor, press, radio, social and digital. There was heavy emphasis on high-quality video content to set out the Future Ready idea and story.