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Atlantic TU The Future Is Here

Atlantic TU is a multi-campus technological university in the north and north-west of Ireland; formed by the amalgamation of three institutes.

The Challenge

ATU’s 20,000+ students and 2,000+ staff benefit from a rich combination of academic and research excellence, quality of life and opportunity – all of which can be experienced in an exceptionally beautiful part of the world. We worked with the ATU team on naming, positioning and visual and language branding for the new university.

Our Approach

The creation of a new university for the region is a massive, once in a generation event that will impact the lives of very many students, staff, communities, alumni and partner organisations. Our response reflects the excitement and enthusiasm that we saw and heard during an immersive process, that saw us working closely with members of the project team, university administration, students, and external stakeholders.

While Atlantic TU will bring together a large number of groups and individuals under one university banner, it will not homogenise their identity or experience. The visual brand responds to this, offering a broad range of treatments that are connected to each other but unique in their own right.

The western and northwestern regions are well known for their natural beauty; largely defined by the expanse of the Atlantic close by. The land is shaped by the elements and a people that respect and understand the place they inhabit. These conditions demand resilience, helping to foster close community and cooperation. ATU’s visual brand is inspired by this, and framed by a reference to place and connection.