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DCC Attracting talent to the country’s biggest local authority

Dublin, it’s our home and thankfully, it’s thriving right now. Our vibrant home is host to busy, buzzy SMEs and global juggernauts. But, with this success comes competition for talent.

The Challenge

After a lengthy recruitment embargo, Dublin City Council is once again hiring. But to compete with tech giants and local heroes, they needed to create an induction experience that would not only make people excited to join Dublin City Council but make them want to stay.

Our Approach

Dubs are famously proud of their city, but they may not realise that many of the things they take pride in are managed by Dublin City Council.

We wanted to change that, to show new and prospective employees – at every level, from General Operatives to Fire Fighters and Senior Executives – that the work of The Council goes far beyond rates, licenses, and paperwork.

That Dublin City Council is at the heart of everything that happens in the city. But we couldn’t just tell people that working at Dublin City Council is something to be proud of, we had to show them.

The execution


We travelled the length and breadth of the city to find and document inspiring projects that showcase the varied, often hidden yet omnipresent work of Dublin City Council. This job took us to housing developments, leisure centres, parks, museums, galleries, fire stations, civic offices and even water treatment facilities (we well and truly got our steps in).

We filmed real Dublin City Council staff providing services to, and interacting with the citizens of Dublin. From those adventures, we created a brand video, titled We Are Dublin City Council, that showcases the varied work of The Council and the organisations core values.

We also created a series of testimonial videos, giving new employees first-person accounts of what it’s like to work in Dublin City Council, information on what development opportunities are available, and advice they wish they had known when they started.


We wrote and designed a We Are Dublin City Council welcome book that will be delivered to all new hires before their start date. Rather than writing a tome, laden with policies and information, this book serves as a visual introduction to the organisation that should excite and inspire new employees.


PowerPoint can be not only a necessary evil but a useful tool. The induction process was always going to need a presentation, but we set out to make one that wouldn’t result in people in the back row dozing off. We used the design of the welcome book as a guide, putting video and imagery front and centre to create an engaging, unified journey for new employees.

To create an exciting experience for new hires, we didn’t need to imagine a new narrative for Dublin City Council, we just had to show their true story in a new way. By placing real staff and citizens at the heart of the campaign, we helped to showcase the vision and values of the organisation in an authentic and engaging way, that will make new hires feel like they are part of a vibrant, diverse and vital organisation. An organisation that makes Dublin City the wonder that it is.