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Carmen A Journey of Reinvention

As Chile’s first and oldest winery, Carmen is known for constantly seeking new ways of doings things, ways to reinvent. Over the past 170 years Carmen has consistently evolved, rediscovering the Carménère grape variety, and creating organic and sustainable wines. This reinvention has made Carmen the winery it is today.

The Challenge

Carmen have brought their social audience on a journey of discovery, inviting them to learn more about their wines and the history of the brand. They challenged us to take this further, to bring their spirit of reinvention to life and to make it engaging for an Irish audience.

To do this, we needed to tell Carmen’s brand story in an authentic and relatable way.

Our Approach

The book of Carmen’s reinvention starts with a beautiful story. Their founder, Christian Lanz named the winery in honour of his beloved wife. Real people, real stories. This is the simplest form of connection.

To connect with the Irish market, we sought out artisans who had transformed themselves, reinventing their lives in service of the craft they love. Emotive, authentic content resonates well with Irish audiences – this insight lead us to create a content and digital first video campaign for social media.

The Execution

We reached out to two people, who for many years had longed for something different, Daniel Woodsmith and Ellen Kenny.

Daniel started his journey as a chef, but travelling to the other side of the world made him reconsider his passions and redirect his energy. After experiencing different cultures that would forever shift his perspective, Daniel decided to reinvent his life. He swapped his chef’s apron for a potter’s wheel and Araucaria Ceramics was born.

Surrounded and inspired by nature in the Wicklow mountains, Daniel now creates earthy and raw hand-crafted ceramics.

Having worked in advertising in Dublin for seven years, Wexford native Ellen longed for a change of pace. She moved to Berlin where a friend suggested she become a florist. The seed was sown. She completed a floristry course and set up It’s All Pretty Wild in her new home of Bristol.

From advertising production to floral design, Ellen’s journey to reinvention has been–as her studio’s name suggests–pretty wild, but she wouldn’t change it for the world.

It was a pleasure to bring Carmen’s spirit of reinvention to life for the Irish market. Be sure to follow @vinacarmenie for more authentic stories.