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Natural Balance Foods A beautiful blend of code and design

Through its Trek and Nakd bars, Natural Balance Foods is on a mission to make delicious, good-for-you munchies. McCann Dublin’s mission was to serve them up two delicious websites.

The challenge

Although Nakd and Trek bars each had a very different audience to the other, both were housed in the same place: With the market growing, the time had come for the bars to fly the parental coop and set up their own separate digital homes.

The approach

The design teams at Natural Balance Foods provided us with a wealth of assets, imagery and design guidance. So much in fact that anyone could have set about building passable-looking websites immediately. However, we still employed the McCann Dublin tried-and-tested process, working as if from a blank slate.

The execution

Website design and development

To produce structures from what would become and, the McCann Dublin development team built out full user journeys, personas and wireframes.

Design, built upon the elements supplied by Natural Balance Foods, was crafted around this solid structures. Copywriting for the websites was aligned with a robust SEO strategy we developed.

The resulting, fully-responsive websites were developed completely in-house at McCann Dublin with CMS integration into WordPress. The sites are integrated with the client’s ZenDesk Customer Support and feature online ordering support via Adimo.