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During the current crisis we have collectively pooled our efforts and resources to support each other as colleagues and teammates, evolve new ways of working and to continue to create effective work for our clients. Now we are looking for more talent to join us as we continue to evolve our agency.

Who are we?

We’re McCann Dublin, specialists in brand, design and digital content. We’re part of McCann Worldgroup, the most creatively awarded agency network in the world. And so we want the best, but not in the way you might think. We want the best team-mate, the best at bringing people together, the best at nurturing, inspiring and collaborating, the best at motivating and at commiserating. We need everyone in the team to be fully accountable, responsible and help their colleagues when they need it (and without it being asked of them each time). But we believe your family, your friends, your whole life outside work is every bit as important as your life inside work, and if we’ve learned anything this year is that the two are often entwined. And so they should be.

We are an Equal Opportunity employer with salary and associated benefits commensurate with experience and benchmarked against industry standards. We’re one of the agencies that started the Great Reset in Ireland, and we value people, profit and planet equally.

So what are we looking for in a copywriter?

  • Someone who understands the craft involved in shaping ideas into words and has developed their creative process over at least 3-5 years at a senior level writing clear and compelling copy.
  • Someone who is ultimately curious, who finds inspiration in every part of the world around them. Someone who can reference literature, history, art and politics at the same time as the books, films, TV, games and music of contemporary culture, whose ears are trained to hone in on gems from conversations held with friends and family to strangers overheard in the supermarket.
  • Someone who doesn’t see “the line” defining their experience or ambition whether that’s ATL, BTL or TTL and is comfortable working across a wide range of clients in many sectors.
  • Someone whose skills encompass a knowledge of, and interest in, people i.e customers and the language they speak; an understanding of when to push an idea further or to pull back from the edge; an ability to write long-form articles for publication on web, effective TOV expression for brand and engaging customer-facing copy for digital, radio and TV; along with a modicum of experience in conducting and understanding research.But above all else we are looking for someone with a commitment to collaboration and sharing ideas.
  • Someone who passionately believes in the impact for change creativity can have on cultural, social and economic enterprise, truly connecting and engaging audiences to brands with challenging work with both substance and style.
  • Someone who wants an opportunity to join a highly motivated and ambitious team, a team that is given the responsibility to shape the character of their agency, someone with desire to work in an agency where having a positive influence on our culture and output is demanded.

So what are you looking for in an agency?

Talk to us now at [email protected]

Closing date Friday 11th December 2020