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McCann Dublin at OFFSETDub

It’s hard to believe a little over a week ago we walked through the doors of The Point Village and were treated to three days of inspiring, educational and whimsical content led by speakers from around the globe.

OFFSETDub may have closed its doors for another year, but the 10th edition of the much-loved creative event certainly packed a punch. As headline partner, McCannBlue couldn’t be prouder to have had our name against this event and judging by the insane levels of post-event chat, it’s safe to say all of us left enthused and ready to take on the creative world!

From encouraging quotes to motivating campaigns, we all took something from the weekend – even if it was dozens of screen prints thanks to Facebook Analog Research Lab. Thanks!

We learned about the Irish skateboarding scene and how it influenced Irish photographer Rich Gilligan throughout his journey into the discipline, Ariane Spanier brought a lighter note to Brexit (don’t say the B word!) and resident OFFSET speaker, Steve Simpson brought his creative wares to the stage once again, bringing with him an insight into the world of illustration – not to mention the massive Mic’s Chilli skull. You had to have been there…

In the age we live in, it’s important to promote a bit of Girl Power, something Anna Ginsberg well and truly highlighted by encouraging us to appreciate our bodies for the brilliant things they are. The highly energetic James Victore let us know “It’s my job to remind you of the innate marvellous gifts you were born with.” This thought provoking (and let’s face it, very cool) man hit the stage on day two and did what he does best – captivate an audience and make them question anything and everything.

For some, the humdrum of daily life can seem boring and mundane, not for super talented Scottish artist Jon McNaught. His beautifully detailed and layered prints are simply magic and certainly brought a smile to many faces in the crowd. Sometimes you find creative opportunities in wonderful places and co-founder of Izzy’s Wheels, Ailbhe Keane proved this. The bubbly, quintessentially epic young lady oozed positivity and blew the crowd away. She’s the driving force behind a brand that strives for inclusivity in design, “we as designers have a huge responsibility to be inclusive, from the products that we make to what we communicate. It is really up to us to make that change.’ Amen!

John Kennedy from Windmill lane brought us on a journey through motion-graphics, 3D animation and CGI, while the ever eloquent Joe Caslin took us under his lovely Roscommon born wings to show us how he deals with real life issues and uses his talent to bring them to a global stage.

As you can imagine, three days, two stages and 100 speakers is a lot to take in – and we could talk for days about all the incredible speakers – but the reward is a lifetime of inspiration. Yuri Suzuki, DROGA5, Aaron Duffy, Bruno Maag, Edel Rodriguez, Lance Wyman, Sara Urasini, Eike König, Fuchsia Macaree – we could go on and on about all of the unreal speakers over the three days, but alas we cannot.

Looking back over this wonderful weekend, a small smile etches its way onto my face. Can we do it all over again? Now? OFFSET truly does inspire and allows conversations to flow from one topic to the next until you’re wrapped up in a web of sheer creative joy. To say all of us here in McCannBlue left The Point Village feeling inspired, is very much the understatement of the century. We left yearning to create, evoke and master what we all do best.

To quote Rich Gilligan “Make work even if it’s not particularly cool right now. Make it unapologetically for yourself. That’s when I believe the real magic happens.”

Zoe McGovern is Director of Social at McCann Dublin.